What A Logo Shouldn’t Look Like

What A Logo Shouldn’t Look Like

This is rather humorous. So many software and online tools these days claiming they can replace graphic designers because they would provide a “better and faster” result. Lol. There is also such software that says you don’t need the services of a web developer.

But here’s what people don’t know:

When it comes to creativity, especially one that requires a lot of thinking, research, and some level of trial and error, humans can’t be replaced by software tools. It is just straight up impossible. And secondly, when consulting humans to create a design for you, hire a pro designer. Don’t “do it yourself,” or give it to a friend or family member who’s not a pro.

It is for your own good.

If you want to avoid making your brand or your business look like a child’s play due to poor design, then be careful who you hire as a designer to avoid designs like this:


So, I walked in and found my colleague laughing really hard this morning, on inquiry, I found that he was laughing at the above design. He said it was a logo. It was funny to me. So I said “no, this looks like a flyer,” to which he laughed even harder because even as a flyer, this is one disaster of a design.

So what is wrong with the design (logo)?

1. Too busy

There’s a theory that says logo should be so simple that it can be easily drawn on the beach sand. In other words, a logo must be simple. How simple? As simple as an “S” for Superman, or a “check” for Nike. The KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid) applies to everything design, and this “logo” does not pass.

2. Too many colors

Following the simplicity principle, a logo should have just one color or two at most. And when multiple colors must be used, it must be “brilliantly blended.” There are too many colors in this logo, and the blending is not at all brilliant.

3. Background photo

What is a background photo doing on a logo? This is hilarious. The ocean and the sky, what is it supposed to mean. I still cannot understand. If you do, please explain it to me. Thanks. Lol.

4. No concept

A logo should be conceptual. It makes it easy to be remembered. But this one lacks concept. It is a riot. There are too many things going on at the same time: the sky is blue, the ocean is calm, a bird is flying, scattered letters with inconsistent sizes, and then there are also texts with a black outline. Everything is happening all at once. That’s a riot.

5. No message

There’s no message that can be derived from a riot. You may think the designer or owner wants the logo to look “kiddy,” but the truth is: it doesn’t. It looks horrible. The logo tells no message and no story. It’s not brilliant. It just looks horribly void and without form. It needs to be created. Lol.

This is an example of what a logo should never look like. There are so many other things that are not right with this logo. I have listed 5, you can tell me yours in the comments.

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